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Overview: Attig | Steel, Professional Appellate Representation for Veterans and their Advocates

A veteran’s path to victory in a VA claim gets much harder once the BVA denies a benefits appeal.

For better or worse, the record is closed and the facts are fixed.

Winning the claim requires a successful appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, the United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, or the United States Supreme Court.

A successful appeal to those courts requires an attorney who is an appellate professional.

The attorneys at Attig | Steel take pride in providing professional appellate representation.

What We Do

CAVC, Federal Circuit and Supreme Court Appeals

We scour the record to find and prove reversible and remandable factual or legal error by the BVA's Veterans Law Judge.

We prepare professional, polished, persuasive briefs and arguments to be presented to the federal judges who will decide your case.

When we succeed in reversing or remanding your BVA decision, we hand the case back to your attorney, VSO or agent so they can see your claim through to the finish.

Attig | Steel’s predecessor firm (the Attig Law Firm) has represented thousands of veterans at every level of the VA claims and appeals process: we know how important it is to get the arguments right at the CAVC.

If your client is ready to appeal an adverse BVA decision, contact Attig | Steel.

Your clients and their administrative appeals remain yours. You need not split any fees with us.

Strategic Appellate Partnerships and VA Claims Training for Veterans' Agents, VSOs and Veterans' Attorneys

If you are an agent, a VSO or a veteran’s attorney who frequently appears before the BVA, we may be able to help you to deliver better results to your clients at the BVA while preserving legal and factual errors for a later court appeal.

Please send us an email telling us about your practice and how we can help:

Recent Cases

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(April 6, 2018) The veteran in this case served in the Navy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, including deployment to Kuwait. Upon his return stateside, after attempts to reintegrate to civilian life, he began to have family and other problems.… Read More
(February 14, 2018) Attorney Chris Attig has been working with this veteran’s survivor for half a decade to get her DIC and survivor’s accrued benefits properly awarded.  The veteran was a 3 decade military veteran, who fought not only i… Read More

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