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VA Form 21 Blog: VA Advocacy Skills

You have certainly heard the story of Noah and the ark? He saved the world and all the animals from a devastating flood.Let me tell you why Noah was able to do what he did. Noah had a vision or, perhaps, an insider tip that flood was on the way. He knew that he would be the guy that saved the world, and he had a great plan to do it. He would build an ark, fill it with a male and female of every species on earth, and safely float the planet until the waters receded. This was a great plan and, as history shows us, it worked. But it was not the plan that made it work for Noah. No, what made the whole salvation of every living thing on earth possible was Noah's practical carpentry skills. If he didn't have the practical know-how to turn planks of wood into a massive ark, things would have turned out very different for him and every living thing on earth. Lawyers and VSOs representing Veterans and survivors do not face such a daunting task. But they do need 3 things to build successful practices and win claims and appeals for their clients. Like Noah, they need a vision and a plan to execute that vision. And like Noah, without practical advocacy skills, that vision and plan would be worthless. In the "VA Advocacy Skills" segment of the VA Form 21 Blog, I will teach you the practical skills of veterans advocacy: * Drafting more effective Notices of Disagreement and other appellate filings * Insulating your evidence from adverse credibility findings * Preparing your clients for C&P exams, * Preparing witnesses for DRO or BVA hearings. * Improving the quality of your lay, medical and expert evidence * Building in constitutional and statutory challenges to your appeals * Much more. To be sure, these skills are not just for attorneys: VSOs can use these same skills to achieve better results for their clients. When a VSO gets better results, more members join their organizations, increasing the organization's ability to improve the lives and reintegration of more and more veterans. Sign up below and receive every post on the VA Form 21 Blog, including posts in the "VA Advocacy Skills" segment.
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