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Chris Attig

Phone: (866) 627-7764
CAVC attorney Chris Attig is one of nation’s leading advocates for veterans. He is unique in 2 ways. First, Chris Attig is one of the few attorneys for veterans who actually wore the uniform. Read More
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Jennifer Steel

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Accredited VA attorney Jennifer Steel works closely with our staff, Chris Attig, and employees at the courts, BVA, and VA Regional offices to manage our practice and caseload. Read More
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Recent Cases

The BVA denied this Navy veteran’s claim for service connection of a back condition resulting from an injury during a Navy training exercise, as well as his claim for laryngeal cancer resulting from exposure to ionizing radiation while in the m… Read More
The BVA denied service connection for this veteran’s left shoulder, finding in part that the veteran had no evidence of a left shoulder injury in service. To the contrary, the veteran’s service separation exam noted the very left shoulder… Read More
The BVA denied this veteran’s claim for service connection of a back injury, relying on 2 C&P exams which noted the veteran had a back injury on entrance to military service, yet still failing to address the claim that his back injury in se… Read More

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What is the Deep Issue in the Case? {Several issues were raised in the briefing of this case – this review focuses in on one: the CAVC harmless error rule.} When the BVA issues a remand order, the veteran or surviving spouse is entitled to subs… Read More
What is the Deep Issue in the Case? This case involves the deadline to file an EAJA Petition at the CAVC. The Equal Access to Justice Act (“EAJA”) requires applications for attorney fees must be filed within 30 days of a court’s fin… Read More

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